“A new ignorance is on the horizon, an ignorance borne not of a lack of knowledge but of too much knowledge, too much data, too many theories, too little time.” – Eugene Thacker ...

December 3, 2022 · 1 min · m0x
HackRF One, now with improved timing!

HackRF TCXO Install

Quick reference for installing the TCXO on a HackRF One. ...

November 27, 2022 · 1 min · m0x

I use Arch, btw

I’ve been wanting to install Arch on my primary workstation for a while though I was pretty overwhelmed with figuring out what sort of configuration I wanted. I now have something that I like and wanted to outline what I did. This is mostly for my own reference and documentation, though please feel free to use this and adapt it to your own needs! This guide will outline how to setup a clean install of Arch linux with the following: Secure Boot. LUKS + BTRFS with subvolumes. AppArmor. systemd-boot. TPM 2.0 enrollment for LUKS. GNOME 42 w/ Wayland and NVIDIA proprietary driver. ...

June 3, 2022 · 18 min · m0x


“In fact, neglecting to keep in close contact with people who are important to you is at least as dangerous to your health as a pack-a-day cigarette habit, hypertension, or obesity.” – Susan Pinker ...

December 28, 2021 · 1 min · m0x
webmention logo


I’ve been looking at adopting more and more IndieWeb principles as I get my blog setup. Today I took the time getting Webmentions setup, and wow it was a lot of fun! I wanted to write a bit about the process I went through to get it all setup and what I plan to do next. Here we go! IndieAuth .notice { padding:18px; line-height:24px; margin-bottom:24px; border-radius:4px; color:#444; background:#e7f2fa } .notice p:last-child { margin-bottom:0 } ....

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