Quick reference for installing the TCXO on a HackRF One.


TCXO installs on the P22 connector, on pin 1 The TCXO module gets installed on the 12-pin P22 connector on the HackRF One. You will want to install the module on pin 1, which is closest to CLK IN / OUT on most boards.


To test, you will want to run the following command, which can be built from the HackRF source:

hackrf_debug -–si5351c -n 0 -r

If all is working, you should get the following output:

[  0] -> 0x01

If your output does not match this, that means that the TCXO is not being used. The HackRF One firmware may need to be updated.

Happy hacking!

<3 m0x